Block A Chemistry 11 – Class Summary

skippers, here's the class notes

Nature of Matter September 28, 2009

Talked about Nature of Matter today and did class notes.

What is Matter?

- Anything that has mass and occupies space

- Matter can exist in many different states, most common are:

- Solid, Liquid, Gas

- Plasma, Aqueous, Amorphous

(refer to videos)

Changes in Matter

- Matter can undergo many changes

- 3 categories: Physical Change, Chemical Change, Nuclear Change

Physical Change:

- change in shape or state of matter

- no new substances

Phase Changes:

- changing from solid to gas can often be confused as chemical change

- chemicals remain the same

- during melting process, chemicals follow this path:

Melting Process

Chemical Change:

- Form new substances

- Properties of matter change

- Conductivity, acidity, color, etc

- ex. iron rusting, burning wood, digesting food

Conservation of Matter

- in physical and chemical changes, matter is neither created or destroyed. Ever.


Read pgs 68 -74

Questions #5-6 pg 71 and #1-5 pg 79

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